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Suzanne & I did a closet make-over together. We took her beautiful warm coloring, style personality, and body shape into consideration as we went through her closet piece by piece. Now she has a combination of clothes that look beautiful on her, and as a bonus, she was able to donate bags full of clothes that were just sitting in her closet taking up precious space.  

"Freedom: “the state of not being imprisoned.” This is a perfect description of what working with Tara and Style Elevated has done for me. Knowing what colours suit me and bring out my healthy glow rather than drain me, has been liberating. Knowing what styles of clothing look great for my body type and how to put together outfits I already own, and then feel in control and mighty, is freeing. I used to walk into my closet, with clothes packed together too tightly so I could fit them all in, I would try something on, think it looked good only to decide two minutes later that I didn’t feel great in it. I no longer feel the need to keep buying clothes in a desperate attempt to find something I know I feel amazing in. Shopping is now much more fun, and I spend much less money on clothes that I will never end up wearing. The anxiety I didn’t even know I felt when choosing what to wear, has gone and that is a wonderful freeing feeling."

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